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We have the latest computerised taxi booking and dispatch system which we believe has improved the level of service we have been able to offer the public over the last few years greatly. Dedicated PDAs in every vehicle means no needs for noisy radios going off in every car during your journey, allowing you to travel in comfort and peace.

Our customer number recognition system allows us to take calls and log bookings at a much faster rate as all customer details are saved – saving time for those addresses which require extra information. It also allows us to remember your special requirements; whether that is needing a lower car or a vehicle with a bigger boot.

Our ringback service is a feature lots of customers frequently praise us for. When your vehicle is outside our driver will register a command which will call the customers phone twice, letting you know we are outside. This avoids the need to beep the cars horn and is especially useful if you were in a busy environment such as a pub or a bar. In the winter time too, you can stay inside and rest easy as we will let you know when the taxi arrives, rather than having to keep checking or wait outside in the cold.


Our regular customers have been taking advantage of our IVR system. IVR is the quickest way to book a taxi for straight away, without having to speak to the office. The IVR will answer automatically, avoiding waiting in a queue to speak to an operator at busy times, it will give you options for a pickup address. These addresses are saved from your most popular pickups. Simply select the pickup location you are at and the IVR will inform you the car is on it’s way. Quick, easy and simple.

Our computer system also allows us to track all our vehicles via GPS. This means we can send the vehicle closest to your location; this has cut down pickup times by 35%*! This also allows us to track the vehicle whilst the passenger is inside, adding extra security to both the driver and the customer at all times.

*according to Autocab UK